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A Living Mosaic, the Disaster Risk Reduction Ambassador Curriculum and the Lessons Learned Report
The Natural Hazard Mitigation Association is extremely proud to announce the release of three vitally important and much needed documents concerning Disaster Risk Reduction. The documents are:

  1. The Disaster Risk Reduction Ambassador Curriculum;
  2. A Living Mosaic: A Path Forward; and
  3. Lessons Learned.

Planning and Building Livable, Safe & Sustainable Communities
The Patchwork Quilt Approach
Nationwide, we are finding that often communities and their residents determine that it makes sense to build, and rebuild, safely and wisely. Wherever people are subject to repeated, devastating visits from the natural processes of our planet: from Aroostook County in Maine, to the Gulf Coast, to communities on the Mississippi, Missouri, and Platte Rivers people are clamoring to find ways to safely reconstruct their homes and businesses, or even relocate away from the natural hazards in their locations. Accomplishing this objective is not simple. No single agency or program exists that effectively addresses all the diverse needs in areas impacted by repeated floods and other natural disasters. But by Nania, that is all of us working all together, creative strategies can be crafted for individuals and communities and, thus, turn vision into reality

Climate Changes

Community Capacity

Natural Hazard Mitigation

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