RNPN Roundup – November 2020 Call for Content and Upcoming Events Reminder

Click here to view the RNPN Roundup Call for Content & Upcoming Events November 2020 as a PDF.

Hello all,

We hope everyone is staying safe and well.

The Resilient Nation Partnership Network is currently accepting content for our monthly partner outreach newsletter, “The Resilient Nation Roundup.” The newsletter is designed to provide an opportunity for partners and FEMA to highlight recent initiatives, news, updates and events centered on resilience. A special thanks to all of the partners who submitted content for our September issue.

If you or your organization would like to submit content, please email it to FEMA-ResilientNation@fema.dhs.gov by 10 a.m. ET on Tuesday, November 17.

Please note the updated submission guidelines:

  • Please include a title.
  • If your submission can be linked to a web page, please include the link, a photo or your company’s logo and a 25 to 40 word synopsis of the linked content.
  • If your submission does not have a link, please include a 100 to 150 word write-up and a photo or your company’s logo to accompany the content. If possible, please include a contact for additional information.

Event Announcement

Don’t forget to register for the FEMA Office of Equal Rights (OER) Civil Rights Stakeholder Summits. FEMA understands that disasters impact individuals and communities differently. To foster a more inclusive, prepared and resilient nation, OER seeks to strengthen the agency’s communication with members of underserved and historically marginalized communities, such as those with low income, differing ethnic groups and limited English proficiency.

The upcoming Summit dates and topics are:

  • Thursday, November 12: Multi-Cultural Summit: Equity Throughout Disasters
  • Thursday, November 19: Disability Summit: Accessibility Throughout Disasters
  • Thursday, December 3: Environmental Justice Summit: Implementation Throughout Disasters

The Summits will take place from 10-11 a.m. ET. For more information click here.


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